1500 people were informed about the leakage of toxic gas: – evacuated after gas leakage: – it is toxic and flammable

The police began evacuating houses on Tuesday evening in a circumference of 300 meters from the site after a gas leak had occurred in Prestegårdsveg in the municipality of Sola.

– We sent a text message to 1500 registered users about evacuation. In addition, we went door-to-door at the nearest houses, "said John Helle of Rogaland Fire and Rescue to NRK, who first mentioned the case.

65 people were evacuated and two people were sent to the hospital in connection with the leakage, which should have happened when a roadmaker excavator in the area cut through a gas pipeline.

Around 9 pm the police reported that the barriers had been removed and that they could be evacuated to return home.

– Toxic

According to the police, "natural gas / methane gas" is toxic and highly flammable. The police therefore asked people to stay at a safe distance to the place while the security work is in progress.

– It is a gas that is toxic and flammable. It is especially toxic near the source, if it is directly exposed to it. It should not be dangerous if it is outside the security zone, "says operational manager Victor Jensen at the police station on the southern coast of Dagbladet.

Two of the three employees who were present when the leak occurred were taken to the hospital.

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– They are exposed to the gas and have been transported to the university hospital of Stavanger. They expressed their inconvenience, "says operations manager Victor Jensen at the Dagbladet police station in the southwest.

– Warnings

The police have so far not been informed that residents or others in the immediate vicinity need medical supervision.

– In addition, a notification has been sent to all mobile phones in the current area.

The evacuated people have all been accommodated in a hotel in the area. Some of them go to friends and relatives outside the security zone, informed the police earlier this evening.

The incident also affects traffic in the area, while experts are working to stop the leak.

– Is there a danger of explosion?

– It is part of it, with a gas that is easy to ignite. Representatives of Lyse, the gas supplier, work together with the emergency services on site to prevent leakage. They certainly focus on potentially explosive dangers, "says Jensen.

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