1700 lost power in Melhus

In the 14th Monday the power went to, among other things, the center of Melhus. TrønderEnergi has sent a message to affected customers that the power can be removed to 17 hours.

– 1707 energy customers have no power. We currently do not know the cause of the power outage. Fitters are on their way to look for the error, says communications advisor Ole Marius Ingvaldsen in TrønderEnergi.

Looking for the error

Ingvaldsen states that Trønderenergi has installers in fields that will be used to search for the cause of the power failure. According to the TrønderEnergi power station, the power outage is the result of high-voltage failure and indicates that there has been a result in the Gimse traffic station.

At 15.15 hours Ingvaldsen indicates that they still have not found the error leading to the power outage.

– We put the power back on the areas of which we know that the error is not. But there are still customers without power, he says.

Coop Extra was temporarily closed due to a power outage. Photo: May Britt Reitbakken

The power is back again

Shortly thereafter, Ingvaldsen was able to tell that more than 1000 customers had returned to the power, and at 3.30 pm all Melhus customers were again supplied with electricity.

"We have not yet found the error, but the most important thing is that we have re-streamlined all customers, and we continue to find out what causes the power outage, says Ingvaldsen.

Gimse train station Photo: Gunn Heidi Nakrem

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