252 Bus passengers were checked – all used belts

Last week, the Norwegian Public Road Administration had checks on the use of tires in buses throughout the country. Of the 252 bus passengers who are driven in Tromsø, all seat belts are used, both passengers and drivers.

The operation was carried out in buses both with and without stalls, and both densely populated areas inside and outside.

"We are pleased that everyone who was monitored was protected during transport, including children, young people, adults and drivers," says Ann Synnøve Elvevoll.

– Important instrument

Almost 15,000 passengers were checked on a national basis. 662 people were unsecured, but because of a number of uncertain observations, only 370 of them received a fine. One bus driver was charged with a lack of telephone use, but there were a total of five drivers who were unsecured.

IMPORTANT PROCEDURE: Ingrid Heggebø Lutnæs in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration states that the controls have an effect. Photo: Henriette Recognize Busterud

Since 1977, 131 people have been killed during bus crashes in Norway, according to the Norwegian Public Road Administration. So far, nobody has died in bus accidents this year, and we have to go back to 2008 to find the same result last year.

"Control and costs are not important for us in themselves, but an important way to let even more people make road-safe choices, both for themselves and for their fellow passengers," said Ingrid Heggebø Lutnæs, public prosecutor in a press release.

Fear more than an accident

In a survey, the passengers themselves agree that more checks and reminders from the driver will let them take the lead in the bus. In the age group 60+, 90 percent say they use a large bus, while only 56 percent say the same in the age group 15-29.

"We see that the control works and that the fear of paying a fee of 1,500 kron is almost greater than the fear of ending up in an accident without a belt, and the realization that you can be driven makes it easier for you to take the belt. Confirmation then has an important effect on road safety, even for those who are not controlled, says Lutnæs.

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