28-year-old wanted – focused on murder

Oslo police center calls a 28-year-old Norwegian with an Indian background. He is accused of murder after a shooting period last weekend.

On Sunday, August 19 at 21.15 hours a car was shot while driving north on the eastern road at Haugenstua in Oslo. The shots had to be fired by another car running parallel to the car that was being shot, the police said in a press release.

Discussion affiliation

Now the Oslo police have mentioned a person for the shooting. Section leader Anne Alræk Solem in the Oslo police district says the man belongs to the Young Guns environment. Gjengen is dominated by the Norwegian Pakistani population and has been known since the 1980s.

– The alleged belongs to Young Guns. He has been known to the police before, & # 39; she said.

There should have been more people in the car that had been shot and in the car it was shot. No person was injured during shooting.

Solem adds that those in the other car do not belong to a criminal environment.

Targeted shootings

The recordings seem focused and not aimed at random people. The case is being investigated as an attempt to kill.

The car that was shot is a blue BMW 1-series. The car that was shot, should be a dark BMW X5.

The police have reason to believe that the 28-year-old lives in the eastern region. He is internationally sought.

Lawyer Cecilie Nakstad was the man's defender in various criminal cases. She confirms to Aftenposten that she is still a defender for the 28-year-old, but does not want to comment on this.

Sentenced to five times

The 28-year-old must be convicted five times before. One of the judgments is that he received a false license in 2014 to take a taxi in Oslo. In this case he was sentenced to eleven days in prison.

In a few of the other cases it is about speeding. He will also be convicted of brutal violence in 2014. In another case about violence, he was acquitted by the court.

In the last test of May of this year, where he was twice convicted for driving without a license, he was acquitted.

More raids

In recent days, armed police have searched for a number of addresses in the Eastlands region in search of 28-year-olds without success.

"He knows that the police wants to grab him," Solem said, urging him to warn the police.

– Why was the episode not reported on Twitter?

– There were several tactical reasons. We did not want relevant people to be informed about this during the first phase, Solem replies.

The police asks the public to immediately contact the police via telephone 22 66 99 66 or by e-mail to [email protected] if they have made comments from the 28-year-old or know where he is .

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