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Among the 30 killed in June, July and August are 19 men and 11 women. Half died in passenger car & # 39; s while 11 were killed on motorcycles. This shows the preliminary assessment by the Norwegian Road Safety Authority of summer accidents.

Seven lives lost in traffic in August, five fewer than in August last year.

"We can be on the road to the lowest number of people killed on Norwegian roads in 70 years, but this is about much more than figures and statistics, and every accident is a big tragedy for those who are affected, even though the deaths have fallen, Unfortunately, we do not have the same positive trend in the number of traffic accidents and the development of serious road injuries, and we follow the ambitious targets that have been set, "says Guro Ranes in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

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63 died in traffic

During the first eight months of the year in 2018, 63 people died in traffic, four fewer than at the same time last year. Finnmark is the only province in the country that has not had road fatalities so far this year.

"We can move to the lowest numbers of 71. We have to go back to 1947 – when 94 died – to find comparable low numbers, says Ranes.

In 2017, 106 people died in traffic despite relatively many deaths in October, November and December. Continuing in 2018, as it has begun, according to the forecast of Vegvesen this year less than 100 deaths on Norwegian roads. (NTB)

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