4000 went to Gaustadtoppen last night

May I

May I: Moody during the concerts with Amanda Tenfjord and Daniel Kvammen. (Photo: Max Emanuelsen.)

night Hiking

night Hiking: More than 4000 participated in the nightlife of this year for Gaustadtoppen. (Photo: Bjørn Harry Schønhaug / DNT Telemark.)

light chains

light chains: 4000 hikers read the path to Gaustatoppen for the 17 sustainability goals of the UN. credited to Max Emanuelsen. (Photo: Max Emanuelsen)


popular: Both large and small filled roof of Telemark. (Photo: Bjørn Harry Schønhaug / DNT Telemark.)

The nightlife of this year was another adventure at the Gaustatoppen.

Show Lens bins

For the third year in a row, the Gaustabanen, in collaboration with DNT Telemark, Norad, Visit Rjukan and Visit Telemark, have invited night walks to Gaustadtoppen. The goal is to promote the UN's sustainability goals.

There were 4000 people who participated in this year's nightlife. This is an event that put Telemark on a map, Visit Telemark writes in a press release.

"The repeated night walk to Gaustatoppen was another success on the roof of Telemark, and the organizers are very satisfied after 4000 participants have made the trip to Gaustatoppen to form the world's longest glimpse of the UN's sustainability goals. was performed successfully and all participants were full of praise, the gods gave us the best weather and it was a great experience for those who were present, Daniel Kvammens tunes gave an adventurous mood at the top.

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1 in 4 Norwegians has heard of nightlife

The night walk to Gaustatoppen has reached 34,000 people via social media. Norad is of the opinion that 1 in 4 Norwegians knows about the nightlife.

"This is a huge marketing effect for Telemark," says Steinar Bergsland and Caroline Laurhammer, tourism managers at Visit Rjukan and Visit Telemark. We believe that the concept will give attention and desire to visit our beautiful province.

The 4.4-kilometer path from Stavsro to Gaustatoppen was illuminated with 17 light points, where the walkers could enjoy the beautiful scenery in a special setting and learn about the sustainability goals. In addition, the walkers had headlamps that created a beautiful lantern that stretched beautifully along the walking path at Gaustatoppen. Large and small gathered to hold a special evening in Gaustatoppen.

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We are going together for the UN's sustainability goals

There are 17 sustainability goals. Over 15 years, extreme poverty will be eradicated, social inequalities will be leveled and climate change will be curtailed. And the goals are not only applicable to developing countries, but to all countries. "This brings a lot of people with it and helps to make more people aware of the goals, and we contribute to a better world", says Halvor Haukaas, general manager at Gaustabanen in the press release.

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volunteer work

There are many that make the night walk a success. There are more than 150 volunteers who contribute to a safe and secure event. For the participants to get food, advice and guidance during the trip and to offer help. This year's event was also led with good logistics, so everyone quickly returned to Stavsro.

Make Stavsro free from cars during the night hikes

Satisfied artists

Amanda Tenfjord and Daniel Kvammen have entertained more than 4000 spectators during the nightlife. Daniel Kvammen has an intriguing and catchy song and magical audience during the concert. Amanda Tenfjord warmed up the Kvammen and became a nice contrast with his beautiful songs.

The organizers wish this to be an annual event.

"We see that there is a huge interest and that is something that puts Telemark on the map", concludes Halvor Haukaas.

"The nightlife of this year will be special, because now our great partners in DNT Telemark, Visit Rjukan and Gaustabanen have taken over the control of nightlife.We in Norad are proud that this will remain a nightmare for sustainability goals and hope it will will deliver long-term sustainable performance in the form of a sustainable community, "said Marthe Lid, Senior Advisor in Norad.

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