– A compulsion will be felt as a new crime against Finnmark

He is pleased that the municipal minister Monica Mæland (H) has suspended the merger process on Monday until the Storting meets.

"If it stops the merger of Finnmark and Troms, it will create incredibly deep swearing, and many people may lose some confidence in democracy," says Bech.

Tarjei Jensen Bech believes that local minister Monica Mæland (H) and the government have no understanding of Finnmark's enormous resistance to entering a large crowd that they do not want:

"It is a historical dimension here that the government does not understand and that has led to an intense reticence in Finnmark against a forced decision by Oslo.

Bech draws the lines back to the Second World War and the attitude of the Norwegian authorities towards Finnmark after the German forced evacuation and the decline of Finnmark in 1944 and 1945.

"Central authorities called the Finnmarks to wait to return to Finnmark because they were not sure if Finnmark would be rebuilt, and it put down a track that is still part of the Finnmark consciousness, but the Finns defied and expelled. civil disobedience The whole thing led to deep distrust among the central authorities.

"The Alta battalion received no honor or honor

He also draws attention to the way the authorities treat the Alta battalion after the war.

– The Alta battalion laid the Germans the first setback in 1940 in the Battle of Narvik in 1940, but the members of the battalion never received the honor and honor they deserved. They did not receive a war pension and no compensation for their trauma because they felt that the Finnish countries were so strong that they did not need something like that. It was voiced by the President of Parliament, says Bech.

He believes that such events are still affecting the Finnmarks and have led to an experience of not being heard and has deeply disturbed public authorities.

"It is a moving feeling there, I am very afraid that a compulsion" in Finnmark clearly and clearly said no, will lead to an even greater sense of feeling.

He also draws another case, which he thinks, illustrates the lack of understanding of the government in Finnmark's arguments and position.

"We have a Secretary of Defense (Frank Bakke-Jensen) who, although he is from Finnmark, does not understand Finnmark's close relations with Russia when the mayor of South Varanger proposed to invite Vladimir Putin to the 75-year sign for the liberation of Finnmark, the Minister of Defense said that Putin was not deserved to be invited.It is illustrative that the government does not understand Finnmark, he says, and works out the following:

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"It was precisely the Russians who have released the people of Finnmark.A close environment and cooperation between Finnmark and Murmansk has been developed.We find that there are many in Oslo who do not understand it.It is clear to us that we are here in the north. still have to have a dialogue with the Russians, although we will not accept the Russian occupation of Crimea, of course, and the Minister of Defense has been to the south too long, says Bech.

Does not give up – anyway

"If KrF is not running and there is still a majority in the Deposit for the merger, will you continue to boycott the merger process?

– It is a hypothetical question. That is what we get when it comes. 87 percent of Finnmark says no. We will now work broadly to get the Storting to stop the merger.

– Several county stops, including district councilor in Trøndelag Tore O. Sandvik, for fear of the transfer of government tasks to the provinces as Finnmark with only 76,000 inhabitants alone. What do you think?

– The expert committee of the government disagrees with its correctness. There are members who feel that Finnmark can properly solve the tasks that the committee proposes. So I do not buy that argument. And then we can collaborate with Troms for individual tasks, "says Bech.

Neither municipal minister Monica Mæland (H) nor Minister of Defense Frank Bakke-Jensen (H) have answered the Aftenposten questions so far to comment on Bech's statements.

KrF Delegate Olaug Bollestad will not immediately respond to KrF's turn. In an e-mail she writes the following:

"KrF has agreed with the government on a regional reform that has been addressed twice in the Storting, and we strongly believe that this reform, assuming it provides more electoral governance and more decentralized tasks, will be clear in October. leave tasks to the new regions, and then the reform will be carried out in a good way.

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