Action leader believes that the battle for the toll will be on Thursday

– That only the Progress Party voted for her own interpellation was as expected. It was completely as expected. I think the fight will be in the steering committee on Thursday. I hope that decisions work to our advantage ", Sjursen says to Aftenbladet.

He promises full mobilization until Thursday's meeting.

"We must stop the pressure and be there on Thursday and ensure that the politicians see and hear us", says Sjursen.

– How do you look further?

"I'm very optimistic, I think we're going to get something, and now we see that several other municipalities are changing their toll roads." In Kristiansand, the issue is being postponed, and the Labor Party is calling for a meeting to get people's opinion. I miss the initiative of the parties here, but the dissatisfaction is so great that the parties have earned a lot of brakes and the people hear, and not least the members of the various parties, says Sjursen.

– What is the best you dare to hope for?

"The best we can hope for by 1 October is that something will be done at the rush-hour rate, we will continue to keep the pressure and work to get rid of the tires, and we can finance this in other ways. in the provincial committee we heard that it is opening up to look at other ways to finance the roads, "says Sjursen.

He did not like municipal council member Solveig Ege Tengesdal to appeal for the meeting.

– I do not think it is. If we have invited the county mayor to give her opinion, she may make her call, says Sjursen.

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