Action school road running – still too much on the phone

Several thousand schoolchildren had the first school day on Monday. Thus it was the tradition of what has become an annual tradition: a series of policy checks in the vicinity of the schools. Approximately 120 cars were checked at three controls in Oslo, resulting in 25 simplified cases for mobile use.

"This is a trend that goes a bit back from previous years," says Finn Erik Grønli, head of the Oslo Police Traffic Section to NTB after the first day of the action.

In addition, allowances for lack of use of a safety belt and non-driver license have been issued.

"In Møllergata we did not have so many cars in the hand, because we had to follow someone who tried to drive away and drove towards the direction and the red light.This case ended with a report, but I have not received any information yet about why he or she has avoided control.

Lost the patch

Grønli has not received all the figures from the control buttons that are kept to the east of the city and in Bærum, but says that there was also a speed check on Monday. A driver lost the driving license, while another 8-10 was allowed to drive too fast.

"The person who got the driver's license called a friend to drive the car, but when we checked this friend, it turned out he did not have a valid driver's license," said the police chief.

The campaign will take the next two weeks and Kampen, Bygdøy, Vålerenga and Bjølsen are some of the Oslo schools where controls will take place in the coming days.

The view on the road

Grønli says that the goal of the action is first of all to make people aware and to remind them to be extra alert.

"There are many young children who do not have any traffic experience and at least have insufficient traffic knowledge and are often spontaneous, which makes the action pattern somewhat unpredictable, so drivers should concentrate on driving a car, not on the mobile phone. We do not have any children to lose in traffic accidents, "says Grønli.

heart Zone

Safe Traffic encourages parents to drop their children at designated stop and pick up areas outside the school areas with their Heart Zone project. By bringing the children right to the school gate, paradoxically enough chaos and increased risk of accidents occur ", says Ragnhild Meisfjord, Training Manager in Safe Traffic.

– The school site becomes clear. The school children are so low that they look far beyond the difference of the car. Instead of climbing all the way to the gate and creating traffic-threatening situations, we ask the parents to take responsibility and find parking nearby, and to follow the children there or the children themselves go to school, "says Grønli the Oslo police.

Ox with horns

In most parts of the country, the police carried out checks at schools on Monday morning. Some drivers drove the wrong way, others had no driver's license and no insurance on the car.

But other road users than cars also feared schoolchildren on their way to their very first school day. On Høibøvegen in Bø in Telemark several children were afraid of a big bull, but the fire brigade and the police managed to control the ladder.

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