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Energy companies announce a stock exchange listing Tuesday morning.

"It has taken a long time, but we have it," said Per Kristian Skjærvik, chairman of Trønderenergi, who together with President Jon Håvard Solum in NTE presented the merger at a press conference in Stjørdal.

Based on the number of customers, the new company will be the second largest network company in Norway and will use the main stream in a large part of Trøndelag. The group initially had about 250,000 customers, about 450 employees and a total net capital of around 5.4 billion, the companies reported in the announcement.

"We are delighted that a Trøndersk joint web company is now in place, an important milestone for the Trøndelag and the Norwegian energy sector," said the two chairmen of the report.


After years of research Trønderenergi and NTE presented earlier plans to merge their two network companies and create one of the largest online companies in the country.

At the start of the merger, the parties still could not agree on important points, but the goal was to submit a final decision basis for the councils by 1 June of this year.

Now, a few months in overtime, the parties have agreed on the establishment of the company. The management center for the new network is located at Stjørdal, but there will be different working environments that will serve the network in Old Nord and Old South Trøndelag respectively.

Two web host

The main operating environments will be in Trondheim and Steinkjer respectively, in line with the preliminary plans launched earlier this year.

Similar to what was proposed earlier this year, the network will also have different network leases in the two licensing areas of the current NTE and Trønderenergi.

An average customer at Trønderenergi today pays approximately 2500 Kroner less than an NTE customer and, according to the foregoing, the merger will not lead to more expensive net charges for trunks and other customers in the closing area of ​​the network company.

Property structure:

The pension company KLP has been co-owner of Trønderenergi Nett since 2011 and, according to the announcement, remains the owner of the new group. This means that the distribution of property will be NTE (40%), Trønderenergi (40%) and KLP (20%).

Energy technicians Kristian Aa is appointed as chairman of the new group, but company names and other management will be put in place in the coming months, according to the parties.

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