Afghans in Trondheim in mourning after the double flight

The leader of the Afghan social and cultural association says that the area in Trondheim knew that the four were involved in the double crowds in the city on Monday and wished they had done more.

In an interview with Adresseavisen, chairman Fazel Ahmad Azizi said in the association in Trondheim that both the municipality and the association itself could and should do more to avoid the double flight.

All four people involved in the violence event Monday were of Afghan descent and came to Norway as underage, single asylum seekers. Although the alleged situation in the country was still unclear, the 17-year-old and 19-year-old who were killed during the incident, both had a stay in Norway. Azizi says that many people are concerned in the Afghan environment and know about the boys. He thinks that the association should do more to support the teenagers.

"We wanted to organize information meetings, meetings, activities and football matches, but it was not finished and it is incredibly sad now, says Azizi.

Another active member, Nesar Kakar, points to the vulnerable situation of the youth.

"They had nothing to return and needed more support from Trondheim," says Kakar.

He believes that Afghans should do more for other Afghans living in Trondheim and say that through a scheme in the municipality he wants to give social support to underage asylum seekers from Afghanistan.

"It will help both the Afghans and the municipality of Trondheim to have such an arrangement, both in the case of voluntary and paid labor.

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