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The car got a good smell on the front. The windshield was broken and both airbagans licked when a random passerby saw the car in the ditch at Morteberget between Utvik and Invik.

The driver, one man in the 20's, blew one by one before signing a doctor's check. Then he sent with air ambulance to Haukeland to check for internal damage.

Health Bergen reports Sunday morning that the man has been seriously injured.

Explorers were reported on Sunday at 0619. All naudetanates were alert.

– There was enough blood on both airbagans. When they are lulled, this can indicate some speed. But there were no people in or around the car. There was a threefold warning, tell the company Frode Kolltveit.

The police came in contact with car owners and the later man Truleg drove by car. The man had hurt that could only vote with the file.

"He was found at the bus stop, blew and asked the driver card, we do not know if there is more in the car, Kolltveit wins.

The car must be about one meter off the road and must not interfere with traffic. It is unclear when the descent took place.

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