Against fur animals, potatoes and prunes. Now Hoksrud is a new minister of food.

He is depicted on Segway and watermobile but never on tractor. And the Frp politician currently lives on a diet that clashes with the welcome gift from the Gartner room that was ready in the ministry when he came to pick up the key: a basket with lots of fruit and root vegetables.

Bård Hoksrud is now looking forward to take on the function of top manager for the Norwegian agricultural and food policy. The work must be done with a secretary of state who is a vegetarian. Both have in common that they are opponents of fur animals.

Has experience as a store manager

As a former secretary of state at the Ministry of Transport, Hoksrud has experience with the government apparatus. But as to whether he feels professionally safe in the field he is currently working on, he answers as follows:

"I am looking forward to taking on this job, it is an exciting job that happens a lot and I have experience in the food industry," he said, adding that he has been through a lot with the local Bond team in various election competitions. .

"Now I'm going to work on things professionally and I look forward to traveling through the country to meet people in agriculture and industry, we have amazing Norwegian products and great food.

"Are you excited to liquidate the fur farms?

"I have a relationship with the Jeløy platform, which says something about how to do this.It is my job as a government to follow that platform, he answers without any doubt about his own resistance to fur.

Has 1010 personal votes

The new minister has administrative experience of the party's youth organization and of the job as a store manager in the supermarket. He has no higher education, but a long time of different positions in local politics.

In previous municipal elections and provincial elections he made the impossible: becoming a city council representative after he was last on the list. He received 1010 personal votes and went to the Provincial Council.

"I became a bit speechless when I heard it, the site is a place of honor, you do not have to come from there," he told Varden at that moment.

– I am a nice and gentle guy

"He will bring humor and joy to the government," the prime minister said when she introduced the new agriculture minister on Friday.

Sources in the Ministry of Transport and Communications talk about a "very friendly" secretary of state who promised more than possible to keep track of both roads and governmental meetings.

Can you become an expensive man for this government?

– We can see that now. I am a nice guy and a friendly man. I hope and think that's good. And then I want to get a grip on the problems, "he says.

Will eat things that have grown underground

During his national policy career, he barely spoke about agricultural policy, but he claimed that he is for price war on sweets, for shock milk at school, for price war on ribs and for lower prices for most people on "snail venom" against brown nails.

– How would this affect the policy that the ministry now receives a state council that does not eat root vegetables and has a state secretary who does not eat meat?

"It is not that this minister does not eat root vegetables, but he has not done it since May 31. In a very short time I will eat normal food, and then I will also eat things underground, and I am very excited to but I think it's good to lose weight, "said the minister, who told in the magazine about the low-carbohydrate diet he is currently doing.

He points out that he knows that many former ministers in the same ministry have had trouble with weight gain because of all the seductive food that an agricultural minister will take in the lead.

Forgiven by the voters and by the prime minister

"I have the ambition not to do much," he says.

– Are you afraid of all the short-term food that you are now being greeted with?

– Yes, it is a lot of great and delicious short-lived food. I am also looking forward to it, because it shows that we have entrepreneurs who really want to gamble and deliver top quality food that is clean and good.

When he asks what Norway is saying to become a minister without suffering any harm, he replies that he is happy with the opportunity he is getting now.

"My family has forgiven me, my wife has forgiven me, and I have been twice re-elected by voters in Telemark, so I hope I will do well as Minister of Agriculture and Food in Norway.

Hoksrud received a simplified entry for violating the law on buying sex. Erna Solberg said at the meeting that she did not apologize for the action, but that she could make mistakes and make amends for herself.

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