Akershus majority in exchange for the Gulf as Finnmark escaped

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Ap, Frp, SV, Sp and MDG join forces and give a majority to demand the reversal of the Viken region if Finnmark is not forced to merge with Troms.

"If Finnmark has to continue as its own country, it must also apply to everyone else", says Tonje Brenna, group leader at Akershus County Council for the Labor Party at Aftenposten.

The Viken region is a combination of the counties Akershus, Buskerud and Østfold, a total of 1.2 million inhabitants. All three provinces have responded to the parliamentary resolution on the reform, despite the fact that it was a majority in all provincial states against the reform.

After Finnmark's opposition to mergers with Troms, which led to the fact that common minister Monica Mæland (H) left the process on ice earlier this week, the pipe has been given a different sound.

"If the Storting makes a new decision to free Finnmark, the Storting can not say to the provincial authorities who have accepted mergers against their will," says Brenna in Akershus.

However, the situation is different in Buskerud, where Buskerud Ap will not stop the creation of the Viken and, together with the right, will ensure the continued majority of mergers.

Mayor Ole Haabeth (Ap) in Østfold will not conclude what the provincial councils Ap and Østfold do when Finnmark comes alone.

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