Analysts: Norway can expect more climate targets in the future – Climate – Energy

– We will see a huge increase in climate targets, and rich states with a high fossil diet will be particularly vulnerable, says financial analyst and former advisor for both the EU, the Norwegian government and the UN environmental program, Sony Kapoor, to NRK.

He operates the international re-Define think tank and has analyzed in more than 1000 climate targets around the world.

– May be expensive

In his report he writes that Norway can also expect victims of climate change who go to laws for either a more ambitious climate policy or cover expenses in case of loss of income after extreme weather conditions.

Any lawsuit, whether or not the plaintiff wins or not, will rethink both government and investors to put money in oil and invest in more sustainable indus. Tri, Kapoor believes.

– It may be expensive for the oil country of Norway if investors flee flights and prosecutors in court, he warns.

– No reason

The government has not taken legal action.

– In our opinion, is not the basis for such a process against the state. The government is pursuing an ambitious climate policy that meets national and international obligations ", states Secretary Atle Hamar of the Ministry of Climate and Environment

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