Approximate bicycle thieves can keep the change if the documentation is missing

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Lack of information about the frame number allows the police to repeat alleged cyclists repeatedly – and to take the stolen bicycle with them.

Policeman Pål Berg is one of those who found that a suspicious bicycle robber had to leave the bike because it could not prove that it was stolen, reports NRK.

– It happens, but not often. Many bicycles are stolen and the problem is that the frame numbers are not included in the report when it is delivered, says Berg, who works in the police district of Trøndelag.

Except that you have to take good care of the bike, you have to look where you can put it out and make sure it has a good lock. Berg has a call for cyclists: write down the frame number and keep it where you have valuables.

"Then maybe we should bring back more bikes in the future," said the policeman, who believes that too many dumbbells provide the numbers that can prove that your bike is yours if it is stolen and later appears on possible thiefs.

On most bikes, the frame number is at the bottom of the frame and preferably at the bottom, but it can be difficult to find it.

Last year, 13,672 bicycles were stolen in Norway.

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