Ask for clarification from Hareide

KrF is a focal point for regional reform and now the provincial council member Tore O. Sandvik (Ap) in Trøndelag and KS leader Gunn Marit Helgesen demands a statement on the position.

"If KrF intends to restore the regional reform, Knut Arild Hareide has to say as quickly as possible, and a lot is happening," Sandvik says to Aftenposten.

Sandvik is the county chairman of Trøndelag, which has already merged with Finnmark, and believes that Finnmark must accept that the Storting has already agreed that Finnmark must merge with Troms.

KrF was the majority behind the regional reform, together with the Left, Frp and Left in the previous period, and if KrF is now changing, the other parties will no longer have a majority. Hareide calls the regional reform "an unfinished product" with a structure that "will not last in the long term". There must be disagreement with the KRF group on the issue.

The others are in danger

On Monday, Troms met a meeting of the city council and the minister of modernization, Minister Monica Mælands (H), to discuss the way forward, which the mayor of Finnmark County did not ask for.

KS leader Gunn Marit Helgesen and Sandvik fear that the entire regional reform will be jeopardized if Finnmark is not merged with Troms.

KrF deputy Olaug Bollestad will not respond directly to county councils' request, but in an e-mail she refers to the party in anticipation of the government's move.

"KrF has agreed with the government on a regional reform that has been dealt with twice in parliament, with the condition that it follows new tasks with larger regions." It offers more elected government and more decentralized tasks. what we expect the government to deliver in October, the statement says.

Locally on the fence

The KrF in Finnmark is also waiting to see which tasks and assignments the new major mass will receive before giving full support to the merger. In Finnmark County Council Svein Iversen is only for KrF, in close contact with the party leadership in the Storting.

He tells the class struggle that they are dealing with strong protests and long-term struggles of the workers in institutions being hired from the capital are moved when the list of Oslo jobs being carried to the north is on the table.

"If the new region is not successful, the county reform must be reversed," says Iversen.

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