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The bureaucrator meets Wednesday in Political Quarter to answer questions about the very difficult conflict between the school agency and the education office.

NRK mentioned yesterday the second warning to the city council in less than a week.

In the first notification, Thorkildsen is described in very unfortunate terms. According to Aftenposten, the announcement states, among other things: "This manifests itself in inappropriate behavior where the bureaucrats scream aloud and some employees shout, wild gestures, crying and suspicious presenters."

– The starting point must be that the reports say that it is correct. And then we will gather information and knowledge so that I can make sensible decisions in a delicate and difficult business, "says Johansen.

Unique thing

A political leader is not covered by the Working Environment Act. Nevertheless, she is the one who is recruited in the second reminder, where she is accused of a "retaliation in violation of Section 2 A-2 of the Working Environment Act".

This is unexplored land. There has never been a warning against seated city wars or a person in government administration as far as I know, "says Johansen.

– UPLØYD MARK: Oslo city council leader Raymond Johansen had a difficult case on the table.

Permanent trust

Raymond Johansen still says that he has complete confidence in Thorkildsen. The Progress Party believes it will be wrong if the municipal council leader is responsible for investigating the warnings. Johansen rejects this.

"I am responsible for Inga Marte Thorkildsen, I am responsible for the city council and I have to say whether I trust it or not, so it will be crucial for me to follow up the reports and get information.

Conflict with the educational institution

Inga Marte Thorkildsen said she will not comment on the reports. She would not come to the political district. But she has acknowledged that it was difficult to collaborate with the Education Network.

Thorkildsen has been the city council for growth and knowledge since December 2017, which means that it is the responsible political leader of the Oslo School.

Last week it was announced that people in the management of the Education Board in Oslo reported the behavior of the city council anonymously with descriptions such as "offensive, intimidating, hostile, humiliating and humiliating."

On Tuesday it was announced that leaders in the Education Board in Oslo paid enough attention to the school agency, where they respond to more statements that Thorkildsen participated in the media after their first notification on 11 September. They believe that the agencies have violated the protection of retaliatory measures against the Work Environment Act.

POLITICAL QUARTER: City Council President Raymond Johansen answers questions about the warning case against Inga Marte Thorkildsen.

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