ASYLUM SEEKERS , ASYLUM – Man sewed his mouth after ten years of asylum reception

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Reza Mohammadi (43) hunger striker because he lived in asylum for many years.

It is NRK who writes about the dissatisfied asylum seeker who fled Iran in 2008 and applied for political asylum. He has since been on asylum reception in Norway and has now gone to the drastic step and sewn his mouth again.

"I am an asylum seeker and have a hunger strike at the reception of Nome in Ulefoss from July 22. I want to talk to you, please say in the e-mail that Reza Mohammadi sent to more media on Wednesday morning, according to NRK.

He does not want NRK to explain why he fled from Iran, but he should have stood on the edge of the regime and feared for his life.

Mohammadi says he can no longer live from an asylum reception, and it is like hell. He also adds that he has not seen his family in almost 11 years.

The head of Nome's state reception at Ulefoss, Anne Stokken, told NRK that they are doing everything they can to help the asylum seeker who has a hunger strike a month.

"We think it is very sad that someone takes such drastic measures, and we try to take care of him as best we can in this situation, because we are afraid that this will damage his health." It is also a burden for other residents and employees, says CEO Anne Stokken.

She also says that it appears that the asylum seeker is determined to continue the hunger strike. He has not requested medical consultation since the last doctoral consultation on 25 July.

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