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opinionsHarvester Trust served as the cleanest magic formula in Bodø in spring and summer. Today they tear their hands, many of those who showed the greatest enthusiasm. Among those who really provoked the story of the Harvester Trust were the journalists of the city.

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There was no way how big and strong this fund should be. Perhaps the editors should use this case to tell something about source criticism and what lack of healthy skepticism combined with bad research time can result in articles that ultimately become fake news and not as information that can be trusted.

Well-known journalist names such as Stein Sneve, Per Torbjørn Jystad, Markus André Jensen, Adrian Dahl Johansen, Susanne Lysvold and Anders Bergundhaugen, to name someone, all look at things that have no doubt been solved that Harvester Trust is a giant fund with billions of dollars, often combined with information that Danny Hayes and Sargent McCormick represent the glory. Rune Nilsen confirmed the same in an interview with NRK Nordland; Harvester Trust exists and there is money.

It was not until August that the critical sentence came into use and now it is not the way simple people have believed in the adventures of the United States. But where was the critical journalism in April? Why could Hayes & Co just & # 39; Harvester Trust & # 39; and then the business community offered snacks and open meeting rooms with decision makers, while the media offered uncritical articles about all these great opportunities?

These rules are not primarily meant as a criticism of the journalists mentioned, but as a reminder of how easy it is to be fooled, you make an impression with great words, counterfeiting and name-dropping. And there is little doubt that the critical local media made it much easier for Danny Hayes? The media in Bodø failed in the so-called social mission.

Presented by Bodø Nus editor Markus André Jensen suddenly got the obvious statement: What is too good to be true, and so on. In recent weeks, Bodø's journalists have worked well with this case and Hayes & Kompani from scans to scans and back driven at a formidable pace. They are guaranteed to continue and we will probably get more hakeslippers in the coming weeks.

Nonetheless, there must be a mentality for these journalists who are now looking forward to the best revelations they recently fought a few months ago for the best stories about the same people. And since media and journalists like to believe that they have influence, should it be possible to ask whether the lack of quality of journalistic work here helped the Harvester Trust to take a whole city on the bed?

Of course it is legitimate to criticize Innovation Norway, Stormen management, business actors, general manager and chairman of Glimt, municipal bureaucracy and politicians, but do not forget how passive and boring the journalist corps was – very long.

Here are a few examples of local news coverage in the media where the claim that Harvester Trust is a rich foundation is stuck and a link to an editor who admits that the control fails:

Markus André Jensen, Bodø Now, April 14:

New city – the new airport has long offered international attention to Bodø. Now also from the ruling American McCormick family – who wants to relocate Harvester Trust, the foundation that manages the wealth of the family, to Bodø and Oslo.

Markus André Jensen, Bodø now, 21 May:

To find the answer to the first question, we have to return to 1837. Then Chicago chose Cyrus McCormick for what would later be the start of the industrial revolution in agriculture: the mechanical harvest. It would be the source of great wealth for the family, which today benefits from the wealth of its ancestors. Harvester Trust is the foundation that manages this money. And now it will be invested in smart, environmentally friendly and sustainable cities.

When Cyrus McCormick invented the mechanical harvest in the mid-19th century, it was the start of a revolution in American agriculture. And an almost inexhaustible source of wealth for his descendants. The McCormick assets are now managed through Harvester Trust.

Per Torbjørn Jystad, Avisa Nordland, June 7:

American giant: Harvester Trust is one of the world's largest investment companies with a capital base of several hundreds of billions. They have this year established the office and the company Borealis Industries AS in Bodø and have the ambition to participate in the development of "Smart City".

& # 39; World's largest: Harvester Trust is one of & # 39; the world's largest investment companies with a capital base of several hundreds of billions.

Stein Sneve, Avisa Nordland, June 8:

"There are probably not many in Bodø who know who Sargent McCormick is, but it can change quickly – he is actually in charge of the investment company, the McCormick family, which was founded in 1904 to manage his enormous fortune. Called for the machine that had given them all the money, Harvester Trust.

Anders Bergundhaugen, Avisa Nordland, 23 August:

Both Bodø Nu and Avisa Nordland reported that the foundation managed the assets of the McCormick family – large financial resources built on some of the first mechanical harvesters the world had seen – created the 19th century in Virginia.

Adrian Dahl Johansen and Susanne Lysvold, NRK Nordland, 24 August:

The American who promised to sprinkle billions on the Bodø community presents himself as president of the Harvester Trust Foundation. The foundation, which manages the wealth of the Chicago-rich McCormick family, will account for more than $ 2 billion.

Finally an example of an editor who admits that he is lost – Geir Are Jensen, Bodø Now, 28 August:

It is he who has used us. Including the newspaper you are currently reading, as long as it only concerns what happened to the infamous lie, without thorough investigation.

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