Avisa Nordland – Now it might be illegal to sell homes "as is"

(Nettavisen): The recent newspaper has focused on the risk that buyers of real estate purchase homes.

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According to NCL, 1 in 10 home purchases currently have a dispute between buyer and seller and on Thursday afternoon there was consultation with the government. We are currently working on a major change in Avhendingsloven, with the aim of reducing the level of conflict after home purchase in Norway.

State Secretary Sveinung Rotevatn (V) was crystal clear that the government wants to reduce the conflicts after a house sale.

There are mainly three changes that are considered to be of great importance:

  • Remove the possibility to sell the house «like it is ". This means that the & # 39; materiality requirement & # 39; for deficiencies no longer applies and that the owner can not deny the risk of errors or omissions
  • Introduce a new "bagatell limit" for minor shortcomings that should not apply
  • Purchase a purchase to enter the information in the purchase documents while you still need the quality of the condition reports.

According to Rotevatn, the goal is clear:

"When the seller can not abandon the responsibility for errors under materiality, this will give a strong incentive to obtain a state notification," Rotevatn said Thursday.

He says that the few homebuyers take into account that they can risk hundreds of thousands in remediation costs.

"We want vendors to provide additional information and buyers must obtain that information.

Consumer Inspection: – The seller has the economic advantage that he knows as little as possible

The Consumer Inspectorate, formerly the consumer ombudsman, told the hearing that they basically supported the government's thoughts.

– The seller has insufficient incentives to give good information about the technical condition of the property. The seller will benefit economically from having as few errors in materiality as possible, the audit said.

Today, it is a case law that is wrongly regarded as material under less than 5% of the purchase price. For a housing of 4 million this means about 200,000 crowns.

At the same time, they were aware that the regulation of the tariff industry is the most important thing that can be done because the quality of government reports is of different quality.

– Condition reports are well-informed and vague, and are formulated in such a way that the buyer does not understand what is being said. A superficial condition report can give false confidence.

Partial support by Property Norway

Managing Director Christian Dreyer told the hearing that Norway has the same goals as the government, but is very critical about not selling a house "as is".

"We want to improve the quality of the reports on the beach and to hold both taxpayers and brokers accountable to a much greater extent," says Dreyer.

"But the proposals are much more radical than they seem, and they limit the freedom of agreement." Is it really necessary to remove the possibility to make reservations in contracts, Dreyer asked.

He also believed that new liability insurance policies would become much more expensive in practice.

"We think there will be more disputes because it lowers the threshold for shortcomings, the essence does not disappear, but the insurance costs are increased, it will offer less coverage, which is a paradox in a situation where more people will need it. , he said.

– We propose to establish a legislative committee to review the implications of the proposal for "as is" changes.

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