Avisa Nordland – Raser direction Nordland bus after passage Hunstadringen

Avisa Nordland received Tuesday tips from Roy Lauritsen who observed a minibus from the SB Nordlands bus that should have reached far beyond the permitted speed.

"I am very proud of Nordland bus drivers, I took my daughter to Hunstad primary school and drove Hunstadringen to the left at Hunstadveien, even I was in 50, until the 40s started, Lauritsen said.


While he was holding 50, a bus from the Nordland bus was passing by and Lauritsen estimated that he had 70-80 kilometers per hour.

"When he passed me, he quickly waved in front of my car and kept hitting me, and school children were on their way home on the sidewalk, he says.

It also had to drop a car from the right, and the bus managed to stop to comply with the incident, according to the tips.

– Sorry

Now he asks if that is what the Nordland bus will get to know.

"I want to encourage all parents who have school children using this bus to be more aware of the factors drivers are exposing to your children.

Operations Director Roger Stensen says he apologizes for the incident and says he has called the driver for an interview.

"First of all, I will regret it on behalf of the company if one of our drivers does not appear as pioneers in traffic. We are of course grateful for all the feedback that can help us improve, "says Stensen.

"With regard to this specific event, we will confront the driver tomorrow and, if applicable, we will deal with the case according to internal and external regulations," he adds.

He says the rest is treated as a personal matter.

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