Beksvart month for road safety –

"This was an important month for road safety, which is difficult to get into", says Terje Moe Gustavsen, director of road traffic, after studying the preliminary figures from the Swedish Road Safety Authority for September and the first three quarters of the year. , writes the station in a press release on Sunday.

– Horrible. These are much more than numbers and statistics. We are talking about people, fate, families, survivors and affected communities.

September got a heavy start after an accident with a veteran in Rjukan. Five people lost their lives.

Five years ago, 17 deaths in 13 fatalities died in the same month this year on Norwegian roads in September last year.

So far, 80 people have been killed on Norwegian roads this year, which is eight more than in the first nine months of last year, the road authorities note in the press release.

Accidents and accidents with accidents dominate both September and so far this year. The road network is very enthusiastic about the development that autumn has started.

"We are facing a challenging time with dark, slippery roads, lots of rain and eventually frost and snow, which has to be taken into account by road users." The safety margins are smaller than usual, says Gustavsen.

In the press release it appears that Norway has for years been the best road safety country in the world with the least number of road fatalities per year. head of the population.

"We have set high goals, and if we achieve them, we can not rest on the laurels, it simply does not follow the same path, we have to work even more purposefully, systematically and more completely, while at the same time we are completely dependent on acquiring and using new ones. knowledge on the way ", says Terje Moe Gustavsen, Road Director.

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