Bergensavisen – Vuurduwer hit by the metro

The Oslo police say that a man has been hit by the subway and is seriously injured.

"We are ready with many patrols to guard the scene and talk with witnesses", says the operation center on Twitter.

– It has been confirmed that there is a fire supporter who is injured and the person's condition is critical, continues the Oslo police report.

The station is closed and all metro lines are in Oslo.

"We went to the center in the afternoon and evening to avoid disturbances in connection with the football match, we were in the National Theater when there was a message that there was a fire at the station." A patrol reported a person in the job and that the person would probably be hijacked, "says operations manager Marita Aune in the Oslo police district at NTB.

The man is taken care of by the ambulance staff and is taken to the hospital, says Aune. It is not yet clear how he got on the job.

– Bluss smokes the entire area

On 20 Sunday we meet Vålerenga and Brann in Oslo.

Detainee Svein Arild Jørunland tells VG to a group
Flame defenders had been in a residence and had moved to
drive to continue the subway.

Outside the metro station will
The group has shot fire and smoked the whole area. This should
Also have been brought to the station and led to
the fire alarm went off.

Then a supporter fell from the fire and was hit
of the metro, "Jørunland says to VG.


BA is informed that there were only firefighters at the station when the accident took place and that the accident is therefore not due to the fact that the supporters barked together.

It was reported for the first time that the incident had taken place after supporterbråk.

"This is called an accident and there has been no error in advance." Only fans of Brann are present in the metro area, the police confirm.

Only proponents of fire

– There were only Fire carriers at the station. The reason was that the police wanted us to take the subway to control the crowd, "said a firefighter at the station.

He says that he did not see the incident himself, but was told that a person should have dropped into the metro track when the subway was on its way to the station.

"Now we are on a bus to the stadium, I do not know what is going on, he says.

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