BOAT , BANK / FINANCE – Recordless boat damage in the summer heat

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Insurance companies were informed of 2,429 boat marinas in the first half of the year. This is an increase of 32 percent.

The warm summer weather is the main reason for the big increase, according to Finance Norway.

"In the summer there was a lot of weather in many places and people used their boats a lot, so how many boot injuries we get are mostly related to the weather, and this summer insurance companies are aware of more injuries than a long time, says Communications Manager Stine Neverdal in Finance Norway.

Havarier forms half of the boat damage and is the largest entry in the case of material damage to boats. The compensation for all boat injuries amounted to nearly 212 million after the first half of the year. It is 9 percent more than last year.

On average, an injured damage is replaced by 49,000 crowns.

Neverdal believes that a lot of damage could have been prevented.

"A lot of people do not have speed, some drive unfortunately under alcoholic conditions and are not all included in the weather forecast.Then we also see that there is a shortage of knowledge about navigation.Many have new and faster boats that they are not used to navigating, says Neverdal to P4.

She expects even higher numbers when the statistics for July are ready.

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