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"We are untrue for development, we know little about the Mackerel-sized Plutge Attack and cross the forest to the fish farm, Leni Lisæter, head of the Directorate General of the Western Region, wins a case published on the website of the Fisheries Directorate.

In Austevoll, the Melak factory visited a mackerel scale of just over three meters, while K. Strømmen Lakseoppdrett AS's "Marøy NØ" site in Bremanger received a maximum use of 2.7 meters.

Valuable fish

Mackerel cheese is the most valuable tuna in the sea and the kilo price can exceed thousands of dollars. For a long time the fish stock came down as a result of overfishing, but no, it is gone. This year the quota is 104 tons and there are boats "Hillersøy" and "Salvøy" who have obtained the catch quota.

Mackerel in fish farms - Melaks Austevoll

3 METER: This is how the mackerel that landed in Austevoll's fish farm arrived. It was almost 300 kilos and 3 meters long.

Photo: Melaks

But that the fish grow up in fish farms is not a food price. A cave was reported in Bremanger on 27 September and the Fisheries Directorate was on 1 October.

"We wanted to look at the factory and identify the causes of the hole, but there was no doubt that the heavy mackerel size of 2.7 meters and 275 kg was shown during use, says Lisæter.

At the factory in Bremanger they made stronger use of steel wire, but they mackered straight.

Both stalks, both at Austevoll and in Bremanger, had to be killed. In Bremanger where the stomach contents control and even if the size in a week sympathy for the salmon, the stomach was empty.

Mackerel in stock note - K. Strøm Lakseopdrett Bremanger

DAMAGE: Bremanger earring barely stains in the barrel after symptoms due to use.

Photo: K. Strømmen Lakseopdrett AS

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