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Man wounded in tank at fish farms

Emergency data that occurred after an accident at work were reported in Stekkevikvegen in Meland on Tuesday afternoon.

The police were informed of the accident at 15.01 hours.

"The man in his fifties is now being transported to Haraldsplass in an ambulance after falling into a tank containing hydrogen sulphide, a fish farm in Rossland," says operations manager Morten Rebnord at the police.

According to Rebnord, the worker must have touched his head.

& # 39; But he was conscious and he breathed, & # 39; said Rebnord.

There was another employee at the fish farm who found the injured man who was aware of the accident.

Guardian Commander Ole Jakob Hartvigsen at the 110-station announces that the man will have the job in no hurry.

"Most likely, the old, rotten seawater is in the foam that evolved in this gas," he says.

According to the information that the fire department has, this tank is on land.

Hydrogen sulphide is a colorless, toxic, flammable gas with a characteristic, stinging smell of rotten eggs, according to Wikipedia.

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