Budstikka – called the police – said she was ruined by a car

"Something probably happened, but the first message we received sounded much more dramatic than it used to be," says Operational Manager Line Skott in Oslo's police district.

From night to Sunday the police moved to Sandvika, near Malmskrivergården.

There they found two girls clearly identified about what they described as an attack on one of them.

The girls explained to the police that two boys in the car had tried to drive one of them while she was sitting on a rock on the roadside. The girl was not injured in any way, so what is going to happen, we do not know at the moment. We have the license plate on the car and will try to get the driver, says Skott.

The two girls graduated on the spot. The police have created a case for the relationship.

Seriously injured after bike ride

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