Budstikka – Sold out in 2015

Simpler Life has a store in the triangle Rykkinn, Sandvika Storsenter and Bekkestua. The head office is in Fornebu.

It is DN.no, which writes about bankruptcy on Monday.

The company with a simpler life has had 200 million shortages in three years. Now the chairman has declared the company bankrupt.

– I can confirm that we have requested a phone call, says Tore Thorstensen at DN.no.

– What happens to the employees?

– We do not know that now. We did not agree with the bank and now there are acquisitions that take over. But until now there is still an operation in the stores after what I know now. It is now up to home buyers to clarify what's going on, "Thorstensen told Budstikka.

– Do you think others can take over?

– After refinancing, we believe in the board that it is absolutely the basis for further operations in one form or another. We sincerely hope for the employees ", says Thorstensen.

Working with opportunities

Owner of a house, Nils Holger Kofoed in Oslo, Budstikka announces that the stores are now open.

"DNB has indicated its willingness to raise wages for employees," he says. And employers say that it now works with opportunities for further exploitation.

"We are now working on opportunities to find other players who can lead a simpler life," he says.

Create life easier

It was the entrepreneur Sverre Steensen (44) who created simpler life.

In 2015 he was completely sold out and brought development company Unika out of the group.

According to the annual accounts of Unikia, the company received NOK 90 million in paid equity in 2015.

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Larger conversion

More easily, Liv Holding had a turnover of 360 million crowns last year.

Thirstensen says the company has undergone a major change, but the situation worsened during the summer.

Failed this summer

Thirst people explains it to DN.

"We performed well this spring, but then we had a sales error in June and July We do not blame the weather, but large parts of the trade have had a bad summer We have broken the loan conditions We tried Negotiating the bank because we have confidence in the future The process has not come true and in the end we had no choice but to ask for a bid.

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Clean up for two years

The chain has already been cleaning up for two years.

"The background is that the new owners have finally discovered new pages that have been tracked since the previous ownership, and we've had a bigger dish." It was difficult during 2017 and 2018, but it went according to plan.

Last year Thorstensen came to DN with the following situation description.

"When the company was taken over, it looked more like the closets, more than we thought, the last one came out last year, so we did a good round to get a new start," Thorstensen said.

The property is divided into several owners, including Stein Erik Hagens Canica, former Orkla top Tom Vidar Rygh, Erik Bøhler and Tore Rynning Nielsen. None of today's owners spent more than 20 percent.

Excluding further operation

Approximately 60 stores and 250 employees were affected by a bankruptcy, according to DN's article.

Thorstensen believes that the development of e-commerce and multichannel strategy was one of the problems for Easier Life.

"Like many other retailers, we got a click in sales and the ability to resist it was too bad, and the owners thought this would change, but the bank was skeptical.

May be relevant for further operation

Thirst people does not deny that this may be relevant for further exploitation.

"Now it's the bosses and the bank that decide, but under the right circumstances it can be appropriate, we still believe in the concept, although changes have to be made, says Thorstensen.

He was previously involved in the development of chains such as Plantation, XXL and Kitchn.

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