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The theater manager of the Hålogaland Theater, Inger Buresund, was fired on Friday and immediately resigned.

Buresund is shocked by the dismissal on Friday.

"When I was summoned Friday for a discussion meeting, I did not think in my wildest imagination that the board would fire me, I associate a resignation with abuse, violence and the like," Buresund told iTromsø.

The dismissed theater manager points to a protracted conflict with director Beate Stang Aas, who decides to dismiss.

– When I started at the HT, I thought that different things could change in the theater, but the changes were coached or ignored by the director. According to the chairman, I supported these changes before they suddenly changed their minds this summer, she says, adding:

– The background is that the Hålogaland Theater is in practice driven by a leader model, to which the director and director must be equal. The truth is that the theater manager is the daily manager of the limited company. There is no such thing as a comparable leader model.

Buresund says that she has asked the president to intervene repeatedly in the conflict.

"Last summer I might have asked an ultimatum for management, whether I had to choose myself or the director," she says.

Buresund says she would have liked to have continued as a theater director.

"It was great to work with so many good professionals, and with a great audience, we have put down a lot of great performances, but the economy is linked to the artistic and this conflict proved to be inseparable," she concluded.

The former director of the theater brought his lawyer, Trond Skogly, to the meeting on Friday. They think that Buresund has been wrongly terminated and will bring the dismissal of Hålogaland Theater to court.

iTromsø has not received any response to our questions to director Beate Stang Aas or Renate Larsen.

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