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Policeman Yvonne Schilling tells NRK that the sentenced woman has now been released by the police, but that the verdict against her is being upheld. The woman in the fifties was sifted Saturday to provide someone helpless.

– The victims were released. We do not consider it a danger of expulsion, Schilling says to NRK.

Schilling confirms that the man is found in his own apartment and that there is a relationship between the victims and the deceased. What the relationship is, the police do not want to comment.

The alarmed woman does not recognize punishment.

– She is desperate and insists on the punishment, Siller Heidar defends at NRK.

Police believe death could have been due to a fatal accident based on information in the preliminary autopsy report. The man, who is in the 60's, was found in his own apartment in Drøbak from night to Saturday.

According to the police, there was a neighbor who warned the police. The police witnessed death and tried to help the deceased.

The police said the victim had been arrested on the basis of evidence from the witness and other research information.

– The neighbor noticed that the man was lifeless on the floor and she stepped into the apartment. She tried to help the deceased, and she was the one who warned the ambulance and the police, "police advisor Jon Granrud told NTB

The police sought witnesses at the Jonas Fjeld concert in Drøbak on Friday evening. the deceased man as the sifted woman were at the concert, according to Granrud.

– Vitner has described that a few argued loudly during the concert We can not confirm that the couple is the deceased man and the victim, but we will investigate information, "said the police attorney.

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