Can not build the death house

The municipal councils Ap, SV and MDG in Oslo support Frp's proposal to say no to let artist Bjarne Melgaard build his so-called death house near the Edvard Munch workshop.

The controversial controversy A house to die in has been going on for a number of years. Melgaard has previously agreed to move so that only the road to the house would reach a protected area on Ekely near Skøyen.

Because the neighboring clubs have been many and have listened to the combined studio and the house of Melgaard, the initiators have still devised new solutions to meet neighbors and guards.

Both the Riksantikvaren and Byantikvaren accepted the last solution, but now the politicians hit the last nail in the coffin of Melgaard's death project, writes Aftenposten.

Must find another plot

Labor Party, Socialist Left Party and Environmental Party The Greens decided to ask Melgaard for the weekend and develop Selvaag to find a new plot.

"We want the site where the house of death was intended to remain a green area for the benefit of the local population, and encourages Bjarne to find a new country for the project", the parties said in a joint statement .

Melgaard writes in an SMS to the newspaper that he is not surprised by the decision.

"There is great opposition to new things in Norway," he writes.

He does not answer the question of whether it is appropriate to find a new plot in Oslo for the project. Group Executive Vice President Petter Cedell at Selvaag Bolig says in principle that it is not appropriate to travel to the dead house at a different location.

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