Car in the mountain wall just north of Førde in Sveio

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A 50-year-old woman was sent to a hospital after a car collided with a mountain wall at the E39 in Sveio. There are long queues.

It was in the 15th century that the police received a message about Ulukka that took place in Håvardsholm, north of Førde in Sveio. There were three people in the car when Ulukka happened.

– One car is involved with three people in the car. A 50-year-old woman complains of chest pain and is hired at the Haugesund hospital, along with the other two in the car, says company manager Nikolai Austrheim at the Haugesund police station in the southwest of the city.

After Ulukka road traffic declined and there was a manual routing in the city.

By the 16th century there are many queues that follow ulukka.

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