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REDUCTION: According to the meteorologist, the entire country can expect precipitation this week.
REDUCTION: According to the meteorologist, the entire country can expect precipitation this week. Photo: Gisle Oddstad


The holiday has started too much and we have to believe the meteorologist, then you have to pick up the rain gear if you want to stay dry this week.

published: Updated: 01.10.18 18:47

"This week, the whole country will be characterized by unstable and changing weather," says State Meteorologist Rafael Escobar Løvdahl, at the Meteorological Institute of VG.

The Orientals, who started this autumn holiday this week, have to settle down on the rain and a temperature of 7-8 degrees on Tuesday.

– You notice that it's autumn to say that. It is the low pressure from the west that gives rain on Tuesday. If you are in Trysil, you can wait for snow. But it will not be so bad that we have to send a message about difficult driving conditions, "he says.

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On Wednesday, on the other hand, Eastern Norway is characterized by nice weather with both stay and sun. If you are on vacation, you must go out and enjoy the weather this day, according to the meteorologist.

– It will be cold in the morning, but in many places the temperature will rise to about 10 degrees all day long. If you are at a higher temperature, you have to go further south.

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Thursday and Friday will change again. Eastern Norway is then characterized by a new and partly windy low pressure from the west and rain can also occur.

– It is the low pressures from the west that dominate the entire weather this week. In other words, it will be worst for Westerners who will experience a lot of gray weather and rain.

The westerners do not have a harvest holiday before next week.

The northerners can also expect a bit of rain, with periods of sun and stay in some places. However, the precipitation will come as snow. It also applies to sea level.

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Maybe a small storm

The lobster season this year started Monday. But those who plan to sign on Tuesday must cancel them, the meteorologist warns.

"There may be a small storm on the coast of Kristiansand and up to Bergen, I advise all small boats to stay at home, it will not be a pleasant experience.

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