Confirms knife murder in Majorstuen – no suspect

DREPT: The man is brought from the apartment in Majorstua in Oslo.
DREPT: The man is brought from the apartment in Majorstua in Oslo. Picture: MATTIS SANDBLAD, VG


When the roommate came home to the crowd in Majorstuen in Oslo, he found the mate with knife injuries. The police do not know who is behind the murder.

published: Updated: 15.10.18 22:40

A Northman lived in it Oslo in the middle of the 20's that Monday was dulled. He has not been known to the police before.

– Died must meet at nine o'clock today at work. He did not meet at work, says Head of the Joint Intelligence and Investigation Unit in the Oslo Police District, Grete Lien Metlid.

Tell us

"We have now come to the conclusion that we are faced with a murder case," says Metlid.

Nobody has been arrested

No one has been arrested like this and the police do not have any suspects either.

"This is a murder case where we do not know what underlies it," she said.

"It now works on all kinds of tracks and then video surveillance, and we trust this is a demanding business and a lengthy investigation," Metlid told VG.

"We have more theories about what may have happened, but we can not say what we think now," adds Metlid.

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1 of 3Action: Armed police entered the current block in Majorstua on Monday afternoon. Hallgeir Vagenes, VG

I found the size knife injured

It was in the 12.15 times that the police broke out with several patrols after reporting that a person had been stabbed.

It was the roommate who found the man with knife injuries at home in the apartment.

"He comes home and finds his mate knife damage," said Metlid.

VG spoke earlier today with a witness who saw that a man with bloody hands came out of the apartment block. He was eventually taken care of by the ambulance staff.

"He was pretty white on his face and had blood on his hands, it may be that he found this person," said the testimony of the person who was eventually expelled from the ambulance.

Metlid confirms to VG that this man reported and was roommate of the deceased.

– He finds the death and calls the police. The message was that he found his comrade with knife stabbing. The police have not even acted with what we know about injuries and what happened. We also do not have an autopsy report, says Metlid against VG.

Important witnesses

The police do not know the exact time of the murder, but focus Monday morning on the morning hours, until the man was found at 12.15 hours with knife injuries.

Health workers worked with him on the spot, but his life was not enough to save. The person was declared dead just before 13 o'clock.

There were a total of four pieces that lived in the collective in Majorstuen. The police have contact with the other three. Metlid adds that they are questioned as witnesses.

"All three have provided important information to the police," she says.

Nor are the three others the knowledge of the police. The police are now working on the theory that the apartment is the scene of the murder.

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