Continued traffic ban and closed roads after the flood

West police district announced Monday afternoon that they will continue to monitor the situation on an ongoing basis and maintain it to further reinforced crew in connection with the operations center. At the same time, it improved the situation with reduced water quantities and changed weather conditions, so that the police district could make some effort to work normally.

On provincial highway 333 on the Skjolden-Mørkrids valley and provincial road 331 between Skjolden and Urnes in Sørheim in the municipality of Luster, Monday was considered so unsafe that the police did not get a traffic ban. The same applies to the new bridge over Opoelva in the municipality of Odda.

"These areas are currently not considered safe to withdraw," the police emphasizes.

On the route Osen Bru – Eldalsosen in Hestad in Gaular, the ban was lifted Monday night. The road was still closed in Hestad, but there are bridging possibilities, with which the police are insured.

At the same time, provincial road 55 above Sognefjellet could be opened for traffic on Monday afternoon. It was then manual routing of traffic over old Opo Bru in Odda.

At the same time, eight people in Forundalen and one person in the Mørkrids valley were still evacuated. 24 people in Fortun Valley are still isolated because of broken or closed roads.

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