CRIMEA , EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES – The use of prison staff by the labor force of the prisoners must be investigated

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After several cases where prison staff used the workforce for private purposes, a national survey was conducted.

"It is known that in some cases there are workers who have done domestic work for their own private purposes, there are reasons to believe that unfortunate circumstances have occurred that do not comply with our regulations," says Jan-Erik Sandlie, Chief Executive Officer of the Danish Immigration Service Directorate of VG.

Sandlie says that the five prisons must be reported on any circumstances that need to be cleaned up. The background is the cases that have already been discovered by & # 39; a few prisons & # 39 ;, while the directorate wants to make sure that everything is in order.

The prisons of the country are asked to check which discounts are given to employees who buy products and services at the workplace. The limit is 15 percent, but it is asked if there are still prisons with a higher percentage.

In addition, prisons are asked to respond if machines, cars and equipment of prisons are used, or employees also use detainees for private companies and if prisoners receive only salary or unemployment benefits in cases where they work for private purposes. , if it is services and products that are offered exclusively to employees and if agreements have been made with external suppliers about discounts for employees.

The response term is the end of August / September.

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