Crown Prince Haakon Nor-Fishing opens here

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"When we were on Spitsbergen, we picked up plastic between the stones on the coast, much of it was fishing, so you have a lot to contribute.

When he opened Nor-Fishing 2018 in Trondheim, Crown Prince Haakon appealed directly to the meeting, which consisted mainly of various players in the fishing industry.

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The crown prince showed his journey to Spitsbergen, and the rest of the royal family was in August earlier. There they were on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the University Center at Spitsbergen (UNIS).

Garbage bags were handed out

Already on the first day they received royal nests of garbage bags from the governor and lots of litter was picked, according to reports of the trip.

According to the crown prince of Nor-Fishing, much of the waste on the beaches of Svalbard plastic came from the fishing industry.

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The call of the crown prince to reduce this pollution came after a tribute to the ocean and a reminder that not everything was as it should be in the sea. In the effort to exploit the ocean's potential for food production, it was necessary to ensure that it was done in a sustainable manner and that the ocean was protected, the crown prince thought.

Fishing has an important role to play in this, said the crown prince.

Promised better locations next year

Before that, while the rain poured down, Mayor Rita Ottervik welcomed a crowded tent outside Trondheim Spektrum next year to a larger and better conference arena.

She also did this during the opening of the fishing sector in 2016.

– Yes, finally, the location debate when the big hall is set up, Ottervik then pointed to Adressea fish.

It turned out that it was not. But unlike in 2016, construction work is now under way. During the conference itself there is constant digging and building, with the free kick stadiums as a whole being occupied by both the fair and areas outside the Spektrum building.

Nor-Fishing's chairman, Liv Holmefjord, promised a new building to the meeting.

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