Crown Princess Mette-Marit fills 45 years in the weekend – From shy to betrothed: – A crazy journey

On Sunday 19 August Crown Princess Mette-Marit is 45 years old. It must be celebrated privately, says deputy communication manager Sven Gj. Gjeruldsen to NTB.

– She even stated that birthdays in the house are marked with gifts and cake on the bed and that the gifts she receives from her husband are often of a practical nature such as a bicycle and tent, "says Queen-house expert Caroline Vagle Se og Hør.

Past past

Crown Princess Mette-Marit has thrived since she took up her role in the royal house almost 19 years ago [19659002] The day it became known that the shy Mette-Marit Tjessem Høiby from Kristiansand was the new flame of crown prince Haakon, one day one remembers

Mette-Marit has never been mentioned in the Norwegian media as much as in 2001. An emotional charge and popular royal wedding took place at the Oslo Cathedral on August 25.

  NOTE: Crown Prince Haakon is engaged to Mette-Marit Tjessem Høiby, where the couple holds a press conference. oto: Ole C.H. Thomassen / Dagbladet
STATEMENT: Crown Prince Haakon is engaged in Mette-Marit Tjessem Høiby. Here the couple holds a press conference. Photo: Ole C.H. Thomassen / Dagbladet
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Days before the wedding, the crown princess publicly told her much-discussed past, which she herself described as "robbery" & # 39;

After her public statements about the adultery of youth, the verdict was in a number of newspapers, including Dagbladet, Dagbladet and Ons Land, that she had to be forgiven and that there was respect for her settlement with the past.

Emotion of rank

Mette-Marit has made a bit of a trip during her years in the royal family.

– She is a girl who has become insecure, who obviously did not feel at ease with royal etiquette and all the attention she received, to be certain of herself and certain in her role today, "said Vagle.

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She believes that Mette-Marit is an emotional man of rank who explains that it is clear when the crown princess is outside and represents the royal house.

Vagle talks about a crown princess with sincere dedication and a beating heart for those who feel outside the community.

The expert of the royal family points to the active involvement of Mette-Marit in the mission of the Church and the Red Cross, where she spread her wings over many of the people she met there. s of the crown prince she has also made a strong case that young people who fall outside will have another chance, says Vagle.

Major Engagement

The crown princess has a broad national and international involvement. Literature, entrepreneurship, environment and sustainability, mental health and global health and development issues are some of the topics that it is specifically engaged in.

Perhaps the best known is her role in the theme HIV / AIDS. In 2006 she was appointed as a member of the UNAIDS Special Representative. In this role she has repeatedly led Norwegian delegations to the International Aid Conference, but also traveled to Nicaragua and Ukraine.

  LITERATURE LIST: Crown Princess Mette-Marit completes the Literature Day 2018 in the Culture House and the Library of Stavanger. Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix.
LITERATUURWERK: Crown Princess Mette-Marit completes the Literature Day 2018 in the Culture House and the Library of Stavanger. Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix.
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26. In April 2017, the crown princess took on the role of ambassador of Norwegian literature abroad.

Something that many people may still remember is the journey from Mette-Marit to New Delhi in India in 2012, which attracted a lot of attention. She started taking care of the newborn twins for a gay couple. The couple received the twins via a surrogate mother, but had problems with the visa and did not come to the hospital on time.

  CONFERENCE: Crown Princess Mette-Marit is the ambassador of UNAIDS (anti-HIV / AIDS of the UN). Here together with Phumzile Miambo-Ngcuka. Photo: Pontus Höök / NTB Scanpix
CONFERENCE: Crown Princess Mette-Marit is ambassador of UNAIDS (UN body against HIV / AIDS). Here together with Phumzile Miambo-Ngcuka. Photo: Pontus Höök / NTB Scanpix
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Mette-Marit went to the hospital and cared for the children for two days before taking them to an unknown place in New Delhi. She got the punishment because she interfered with the case, but also with the dedication.

– It only shows that she is a human being on top of it. She got up and said later that she would do it again, Vagle says.

– Evident Role

According to a recent survey, Ipsos has performed for Dagbladet, it appears that King Harald (81) is the favorite of the people – even when It is the one who does the best job.

Of the 1000 interviewees in Dagbladet's summer survey, 43 percent have a button on King Harald. Fifth, just three percent, crown princess Mette-Marit is the one who does the best job.

SEX AND SOCIETY: Crown Princess Mette-Marit visited the "Sex and Society" health center in Oslo. She wanted to learn more about young people and their sexual challenges today. Video: Nicolai Delebekk and Change the Walls / DagbladetView more
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– Considering how long Mette-Marit has had its work as crown princess, she still suggests that she is a little unclear in her role, PR counselor Beate Nossum Dagbladet told when the survey came out.

Nossum was a political editor in the newspaper Fædrelandsvennen in Mette-Marit's hometown Kristiansand, in her first time as part of the royal family.

The assistant communications manager of the castle, Sven Gj. Gjeruldsen, stated that they never comment on polls.

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