Disappointed about the defense stops after consultation: I do not understand it all over again

REAGER: Torbjørn Bongo is the federal leader in the Norwegian office association.
REAGER: Torbjørn Bongo is the federal leader in the Norwegian office association. Photo: Tore Kristiansen


The head of the Norwegian Federation of Officers (NOF) believes that the defense stops judging the situation in the armed forces and the protection against death and believes that the soldiers do not recognize themselves.


Torbjørn Bongo reacts to defense manager Haakon Bruun-Hanssen and Eirik Kristoffersen, head of Defense, has reported the situation during the open hearing in the Committee on Control and Constitution of Storting. Here was the critical report of the OAG on the protection of socially important issues.

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– Too few resources

I do not understand it all over again. I am surprised and a little disappointed. The feedback I receive is that you have too few resources, Bongo says to VG. He leads the largest union in the armed forces with almost 6,000 people.

Home Guard (HV) is cut through in the construction, while Bongo receives a significant increase in the number of objects to be serviced, indicating that the relief has shrunk from 45,000 to 40,000 soldiers.

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"I do not agree with the conclusion that it's good enough, the bosses have painted and got a positive view of the situation, and they also recognize that you can not always take care of all objects and that it should be given priority. it is a recognition that we do not have enough resources in relation to our tasks, "says Bongo.

– Must set priorities

During the hearing, the head of Defense was asked if he believed that the Ministry of Health today has the necessary means to carry out his role.

"Yes, I think", answered Bruun-Hanssen, but also showed that at the Ministry of Defense, like the rest of the armed forces, there were shortcomings that the long-term plan seeks to achieve. He believed that the Ministry of Defense had sufficient material and equipment in relation to the tasks they had received.

And in relation to the tasks they have as security forces? Is this included in your answer?, Ape Dag Terje Andersen asked himself.

"Yes, that is the black defense manager, but added that neither the armed forces nor the house guard were able to solve all the tasks at the same time.

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"It requires a military command priority on how we will use the funds," he said at the open session.

Also, the chef of defense Kristoffersen meant that they were able to do the job.

"I want to say that the Home Guard can secure all the important objects that we need to protect, and we can do that with a quality that meets what is expected of such security forces," he told the Storting politicians.

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Kristoffersen showed that HV has recruitment problems, including Finnmark, but said that from 2014 to the present there is a clear increase in defense materials for HV. Such materials include ammunition and uniforms.

– What should have lower priority?

Bongo is of the opinion that it is too narrow to speak only about the defense if you are the chief of defense and pointed out that society has many important features, such as oil and gas installations and power lines that need to be protected in case of emergency .

– What are we going to set priorities? What are we not going to take care of? The asylum is the best solution for society to take care of these tasks, according to Bongo.

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