Do you have cauliflower? The price will rise in the future

People who plan large purchases of cauliflower have to act quickly if they want to guarantee a good price.

– Next week the price will be used up again in response to the high import prices. It is expected that the price will be high until more quantities of cauliflower are available on the market, as well as the coming weeks, the Agricultural Directorate in a new analysis of the vegetable situation in Iceland.

From abundance to lack

It is a turbulent summer on the market for cauliflower and broccoli. In a few weeks they will have gone from a surplus to a shortage.

– Cauliflower has made headlines in the media in recent weeks. At the beginning of this summer, it was too soft cauliflower in relation to demand, and some farmers did not succeed in selling the crop. The situation was extra demanding for organic cauliflower that has a smaller market than conventional cauliflower. Then the demand for cauliflower has increased and the worship has declined, both in Norway and in the rest of Europe, and the management writes.

The price for broccoli has been low for a long time, but due to a small amount of goods, the price is expected to rise next week. There are also reports of great excitement in quality:

"The quality of the broccoli is extremely varied in the summer heat and some blacks have not interpreted the heat," says the Norwegian Agriculture Directorate.

The excess of tomatoes is eaten

The fresh vegetable analysis also shows that there is an end to the excess tomatoes, which have yielded prizes this summer.

– Due to the surplus situation, the tomato price has less than five crowns lower than the target price in the past four weeks. Next week the target price will go up and there is a price tag to get closer to the target price and hit it.

In addition, the onion and carrot meal is good, while the cabbage challenges of quality are reported. Mushroom cabbage has been attacked this summer by moths and crops seem less than usual.

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