Drammens Tidende – The tropical storm Helene: can hit summer day record

After a gray start of the day at different places, the Tuesday of East Afternoon is muddled on the way to pull away. The sun has already been seen in the south of Norway.

And the day can be very summers when the meteorologist's warning changes.

"There have been 103 summer days in Oslo this year, that is to say, days of temperatures above 20 degrees C. Today we can get the 104 and so reach the old record in the number of summer days from 1947, the meteorologists on Twitter.

Because of the tropical storm "Helene" on the British Isles, much heat and humidity will be felt in Norway. It means both good temperatures and storms.

– Soon there will be snow and sun in the west of Norway south of the city – at least for a while! In a few hours the rain will come and the clouds will return. Maybe a lunch is something ?, That is encouraged on Twitter.

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Wet West

And wet it will be west today after the day.

"There will be rain in the western part of the country, about 50 millimeters per day, but now it will remain tomorrow and then the temperature will rise, we expect temperatures of 20 degrees, and maybe a few and 20 places. looks promising in different places on Tuesday, says state meteorologist Kristian Gislefoss to Nettavisen.

The wind can reach 35 meters per second and a warning has been sent. Those who live in windy areas are paying attention to loose objects.

"We can see that the low pressure is in line with the coast, with low rainfall and some winds, especially Wednesdays and Thursdays will be windy, and it seems that Wednesday, possibly Thursday, a storm in West Norway can blow, said Gislefoss this weekend.

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