EARTHQUAKE , NATURE / ENVIRONMENT – Earthquake registered in Sogn og Fjordane

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An earthquake with a magnitude of 2.8 was recorded on Monday morning outside the municipality of Måløy in Sogn og Fjordane. The quake created Hedmark.

Preliminary analyzes from NORSAR show that the earthquake occurred at 9.25 on the coast just outside Måløy.

The skeleton led to the seismic station of NORSAR in Rena in Hedmark.

"This area north of Bergen and Ålesund is very vulnerable to small earthquakes, but there is seldom potential damage," says Anne Strømmen Lycke, CEO of NORSAR to NTB.

According to Lycke, the average is about an earthquake of the month in Norway of the kind that most people may notice.

– In the morning hours, people have seen enough glaze in these areas, in addition to some unrest in the ground. We get a little reminder that nature is alive, "she says.

No damage has been reported after the grenades.

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