Eirik Jensen about the lawsuit: – That is the last chance. That is the life that is about

Wait five months. Borgarting's Court of Appeal deals with the appeal of Eirik Jensen after being sentenced to 21 years in prison for gross corruption and contributing to the smuggling of 13.9 tonnes of cannabis.

– It's the last chance. That is what life is about, Eirik Jensen said in court 250, just before the issue starts at 9 o'clock.

Fight with a new lawyer

On Monday morning, Eirik Jensen arrived in Oslo tinghus with his cohabiting, Ragna Lise Vikre, just after 8 o'clock. He smiled and worked clearly and ready to fight.

– Did you exchange one of the lawyers?

– It is not because of inconsistencies or the like. I just want more trouble, Jensen replied to Aftenposten.

In court, Eirik Jensen had John Christian Elden, Sidsel Katralen and Arild Holden as their defenders. In the court Thomas Randby replaced Holden.

"Jensen said he wants more pressure from the defense team How did you change strategy, John Christian Elden?

"We will seek silent further questions or continue with the witnesses who come, but the most important thing is that we have put our own proof to the end, for example by closing points where the court ended with speculation about Jensen's displeasure. , he says.

Ragna Lise Vikre has supported her partner all the time.

"We'll see another Eirik Jensen here in Borgarting, he was badly prepared for the case in the district court, he's not here now, he's ready for the fight," she says.

Word button Cappelen in front of the court

There was a button Gjermund Cappelen that met in the courtroom just before 9 am.

– What was it like to see Eirik Jensen again?

– You can imagine, his short answer to Aftenposten. He had nothing more to say to the press.

Judgment in February 2019

When the jury agrees with Eirik Jensen in February 2019, it is the last time that a jury will award a verdict in a Norwegian courtroom. Last year it was decided that the jury schedule had to be replaced by two professional judges and five judges.

Behind Jensen on the false couch is the ice maker Gjermund Cappelen. He lodged an appeal against the criminal investigation after the court sentenced him to 15 years in prison for smuggling 16.7 tons of cannabis.

Hashsmuggling for two decades

The Oslo Tingrett judgment includes a summary of how Cappelen explained that he has organized cannabis smuggling to Norway over the years. When a batch of cannabis was stopped by the Swedish customs in 2013, Cappelen became irritated – but settled and lost only three parties in the past 20 years.

The case against Eirik Jensen is historical. Never before the war was a Norwegian policeman forced to fight his back against the wall to prevent him from spending the rest of his life in prison.

He has always been guilty of debt. Now there is a jury with ten people without a jury of a judge who will determine the fate of Jensen.

"Heavy to criminal activity"

"It is unique in Norwegian criminal law that a policeman with the management positions that Jensen has had for a number of years has committed himself to criminal activities and has deliberately contributed to the biggest drug offense in Norwegian jurisprudence," the Oslo Arrondissementsrechtbank judgment of 17 September 2017.

Eirik Jensen has been working in the Oslo police since 1977 in the same year as graduated from the police training. For a period he worked with the eradication of the drug environment in Slottsparken. Later he became a researcher in the drugs department.

In the 1990s he led the battle against criminal MC environments in the Oslo area.

Jensen has been one of Oslo's most trusted employees for years. He led Special Operations (SO) and the gang project and was considered a crisis in the fight against organized crime.

In 2011 Jensen was removed as head of gang projects and in 2013 he was transferred to an advisory position.

He was suspended as a policeman when he was arrested in February 2014.

Tips for Jensen in 2003

Already in 2003 police inspector Einar Aas, who was then the criminal manager in Asker and Bærum, received tips from his crew that it was a "dirty policeman" in Oslo. The name Eirik Jensen was mentioned.

A few years later Aas became head of the organized crime section of the Oslo police. Then there were new reports from criminals that a policeman was "unclean". Again, the name Eirik Jensen appeared:

"I contacted Visepolitimester Hans Halvorsen to ask what we should do, and we agreed to wait to contact the special unit, Aas said when he testified during the trial in Oslo District Court.

It was not until 2013 that the Bureau was informed and a secret investigation was started. It culminated when the armed police arrested Jensen one morning in February 2014 when he was on his way from the police station to his office in the Oslo police station.

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