EIRIK JENSEN ANKESAK , ANKESAK EIRIK JENSEN "That is why Eirik Jensen was sentenced to 21 years in prison

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Encrypted sms & # 39; and, suspicious bank deposits & # 39; s and the smuggler Gjermund Cappelen were examples that fought the police top.

On 28 August the appeal starts against former police chief Eirik Jensen and the ice machine Gjermund Cappelen.

Jensen and Cappelen were both found guilty of gross corruption and the smuggling of large amounts of cannabis in the court of Oslo and sentenced to 21 and 15 years in prison respectively.

The Nettavisen offers a simplified overview of some important evidence that the former police hero has fought.

Jensen was ordered to contribute to the import of 13.9 tonnes of cannabis to Norway between 2004 and November 2013.

The court states that Jensen has received gifts worth NOK 667,800 from Cappelen, in the form of a luxury watch, renovation of a bath and cash.

The Crown Witness at the Special Affairs Unit for Police Affairs is ice maker Gjermund Cappelen.

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The court believed in Cappelen

In the judgment it is called:

"All in all, the court's ruling that Coden's statement is backed up by such comprehensive and convincing evidence that the court finds that beyond all reasonable doubt it has been found that Cappelen speaks of her own imports of hashish.

In addition, the right to a documented significant economic overload is visible from 2008 onwards, as well as substantial equity investments through Swiss banks – the largest of more than 40 million.

In the District Judge Jensen also explained that he did not know that Cappelen was a larger cannabis to Norway, despite the fact that he led the whole department to fight serious crimes and that Cappelen is probably the largest ice machine in Norway's history.

Here you can contact the journalist of Nettavisen by e-mail, or call 02060. If desired, we can make encrypted communication possible.

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«After this, it seems to the court that it is unlikely that Jensen would have brought with him a large import of drugs & # 39; it is in the judgment.


«The District Court then concludes that, beyond all reasonable doubt, Jensen was well acquainted with the Cappelen business as an importer of a very significant amount of cannabis during the entire period of prosecution, from 2004 to 14 November 2013.".

Gjermund Cappelen in Visitor Room 2 at Ila Prison.

Farid Ighoubah / Netta fish

Voltage video, SMS and bank deposit & # 39; s

The special unit built around the following evidence:

  • Stress video, meeting with Cappelen and money:

In front of the court there was a video showing that Jensen meets Cappelen and sees himself in a car on 10 December 2013. When Jensen leaves the car after the meeting and returns to the police station in Greenland, Jensen puts the Bureau to his opinion is money that he has received from Cappelen for the ice cream cooperative.

Deposit of less than 5000 crowns

  • Money deposits and gifts:

Jensen has spent years depositing money from unknown sources on accounts in Norway and Sweden. In Norway the deposits were never more than 5,000. According to the foreign exchange register, amounts of more than 5,000 crowns are reported to the authorities. Jensen repeatedly used deposits in the bank in the store. The limit is higher here.

The Bureau is of the opinion that Jensen has been wrongly informed and that is why he never deposited more than 5,000 crowns into an account in Norway.

The court also found that Jensen made cash deposits several times, several months this year, that never reached more than 5000 kroner. When he was in Sweden in the same period, there were more deposits on this amount.

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On the evening of 10 September 2013, the gap bar Gjermund Cappelen and Eirik Jensen meet at Ekeberg in Oslo. The meeting was observed by a criminal who makes and distributes a photograph. The photo was considered proof that Cappelen cooperated with the police.

– The coast is ready

The specialized department has a total of 1523 communication events or activities between Cappelen and Jensen in the period 2007 – 2014. Jensen continued to send SMS to Cappelen, even if he was arrested. Probably the reason that Jensen did not know that Cappelen was arrested earlier at a later date.

  • The Office considers text messages as:

"A man in the ditch", "Sun and silence", "The office is thinly manned", "of the 100 met only 90", "Safe for sunbathing right factor" and "The coast is ready" was the evidence of criminal collaboration.

Cappelen explained to the Bureau that the text messages are coded messages relating to the smuggling of ice and money. Jensen has explained that most of the messages found are what they say.

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Bad for $ 292,000

Jensen owned a farm in Eastern Norway with his former cohabiting partner. It has been refurbished and they have, among other things, built a new bathroom that the special unit according to the accusation has estimated by a taxpayer at 292,250 kronor.

The special unit believes that Eirik Jensen has received this bathroom as a courage to help the ice cream smuggler Gjermund Cappelen to smuggle large quantities of cannabis to Norway for a number of years.


– Loss of car sales

According to the Bureau, Jensen had an excessive use of almost 1.7 million in the period 2004 – 2014. However, the capple explained that Jensen received 500 crowns per kilo of cannabis, which he smuggled into Norway.

Cappelen believes Jensen has received a total of NOK 15 million, or NOK 8.5 million if the application is based. But the Bureau has not been able to prove that this amount is correct. That is why they initially assumed corruption of 2.1 million crowns that they believed they could prove. The bathroom for a value of 292,250 NOK is included in this sum of NOK 2.1 million.

The court found that they could find out that Jensen had received NOK 667,800, for which he was also convicted.

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Cappelen kronvitne

The chronicle of the special unit about the case is Cappelen. When he was arrested, he realized that there was no way beyond the name he eventually became Eirik Jensen. It is doubtful whether he wanted a good punishment to explain the role of Jensen in cannabis smuggling.

The Bureau has raised a point that Cappelen explained in the first three hearings without any evidence. The cappelle must have explained about clocks, money transfers, receipts, encrypted text messages and bathroom renovation.

Jensen is also found guilty of possessing or possessing a number of firearms, one for which he had no gun card. Both the weapons and the corruption amount must be entered.

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