Eirik Jensen gets to know the eyes of Cappel in her neck

Gjermund Cappelen went with the former policeman Eirik Jensen (61) when the gap hit winter 2013-14. Tuesday the five-month appeal starts at the Court of Justice of Borgarting.
For practical reasons Jensen, Cappelen and several actors must be in the same courtroom, hall 250 in the court of Oslo. The former policeman was sentenced to 21 years in prison last year.
Co-accused Gjermund Cappelen (51) received 15 years in prison and received, among other things, a good sentence for reporting Jensen as his co-founder.

Front and back

While the two defendants in the main proceedings were far apart in court, the division of the seats in the courtroom is different when the jury should be allowed. For five months Jensen leaves Cappelen more or less straight behind in the courtroom.
"It will be a bit different this time, it may feel uncomfortable, and it may be a little startled, but I think this will be okay anyway," says Cappelens defender, Benedikt de Vibe, a lawyer at NTB.
"It's up to Elden to check Jensen, and then we'll manage Cappelen, and it should not be that difficult, they say Vibe.
Final jury case
The appeals procedure is the last lawsuit in Norway that is held with a jury. The whole system of unfounded accusations of a jury was actually terminated at the turn of the year, but a number of cases that were challenged before the change took effect will be dealt with in the old order.
While Cappelen has just challenged the verdict, Jensen filed an appeal against the entire verdict. Therefore, the ten injured assessments should only decide whether Eirik Jensen is guilty of corruption and participation in the import of cannabis.

The time he needs

Jensen has been given twelve days to convince the jury in court that he has not helped Gjermund Cappelen with the introduction of ravines. He explains himself as prime minister after the initiation proceedings of the parties.
– The plan is indicative. He gets the time he and the parties need. And that's exactly right, commenting on the defender, lawyer John Christian Elden, prior to the case.
Jensen himself does not want to make statements or remarks prior to the appeal, but late on Saturday a post signed by him and his girlfriend Ragna Lise Vikre was posted on a Facebook support group.
"Major parts of the past year have been used to read case documents, and we now believe that the case will appear in a different light from that in court, and we believe the lawyers are well prepared, writes Jensen and Vikre.

Refuses everything

The case is unrivaled in Norwegian legal history. Cappelen has allowed the import of between 25 and 30 tonnes of cannabis and has earned up to 125 million crowns. In court he was convicted for the import of 16.7 tons and a profit of more than 1 billion crowns.
Since 1993 he will cooperate with the policeman who has provided important information about police positions related to imports. For this reason, according to the judgments of the district court, Jensen will receive gifts and cash of NOK 667,800.
Jensen denies everything and was clearly marked when the 21-year prison sentence fell in the court of Oslo last September. The court did not doubt that the former policeman, who had contact with informants in criminal environments for decades, was at the center of the Cappelens cannabis network.
"Jensen has thus actively and deliberately contributed psychologically to a well-organized, professional and continuous cannabis import, to an extent that is contrary to Norwegian jurisprudence," Kim Heger, court judge, ruled last year in the Court's judgment.


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