Enebakk newspaper – Great lack of craftsmen in Norway

Six of the ten Norwegian NHO companies lack employees with the right expertise. In particular, there is a shortage of professionals, shows the expertise barometer of NHO.

The annual competence barometer, which was presented on Tuesday, shows that NHO companies have difficulty recruiting people with the right skills. This leads to lost customers and market shares, or the closure of planned expansions, 40 percent of companies that have responded that they have a lack of expertise.

"If we know that by 2050 we have to create 600,000 new jobs, we can not say that companies should say no to missions because they do not have people, so we will not get enough jobs", says acting director Ole Erik Almlid to NTB.

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As in previous years, surveys are mainly people with craft subjects that are missing in Norwegian business. 62 percent of companies say that they need more employees with vocational education, especially in technical and industrial production, construction and electrical engineering.

Then follow the vocational education that is required by 53 percent. In addition, 42 percent of companies require employees with a Bachelor's degree, 34 percent of masters and 7 percent of PhD students.

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Acting CEO of NHO Ole Erik Almlid

Acting CEO of NHO Ole Erik Almlid

"This shows that the education system is not able to provide the skills that the companies need," Almlid said. "He says that the lack of people with a professional background has been over time and it is important to take action to recruit more young people for vocational education and to create more vocational training places.

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Almlid is of the opinion that the provincial municipalities, which own the higher secondary schools of the country, are heavily dependent on what young people want when they dimension the professions.

"They should look a lot more at business needs, and so counselors in high school should be better placed to guide young people to those topics, and young people should know that there are huge opportunities to find a job as they have a professional qualification, he says.

He points out that many young people today do not finish high school, which for many leads to permanent job creation.

The young people need to think more systematically about where they can get started before they start their training.

Ole Erik Almlid, Managing Director of NHO

"This is one of the biggest social problems we have in Norway: it is a strange situation that while the business community needs people, young people fall into education and are not part of professional life, perhaps for the rest of their lives. they do not get the worthy life they should have, "he said.

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Almlid emphasizes that the industry also needs employees with higher education, although job-oriented subjects are the most popular.

"This is really the story of the need at all levels, but young people need to think more systematically about where they can get started before they start their training." Everybody does not necessarily have to follow a master or doctorate, "Almlid said.

The NHO is also of the opinion that today's master's programs should be better dimensioned according to the needs of the business community and that there should be a lot more master's degrees in engineering and engineering, while other master's programs may lose weight.

Almlid says that NHO is the biggest challenge for the authorities to better combine all policies for education and skills for business. (AFP)

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