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It was Friday night at 22.56 pm that the police received a message about a bump in a private bus stop at Valevåg in Sveio in Hordaland.

A woman in the 40s was the knife and the police got out and arrested a man for 40 years. The hangover happened without drama.

The condition is stable for women

The man does not aim for gross physical damage. He was arrested tonight to Saturday and is accepted today.

"Sikta explained what happened, we tried to cancel a violation and had a rough sketch of her situation experience, police officer Per Terje Brundtland lives Saturday afternoon at NRK.

Extruded by a woman in the 1940s, the basic state of health had to be interrupted, but Brundtland can say that he is on his way.

Health Fonna reported Saturday morning to NRK that the woman has serious injuries after hanging the knives.

– They were operated on tonight for life-threatening injuries. Her condition is not stable and there is observation in the hospital, according to police judge Brundtland.

No witness

The police and the man's defenders, Oscar Ihlebæk, say there is a relationship between the perpetrator and the victim.

It may not be our testimony of the knife seams.

"But there were other people in the house who reported to the police about what had happened," said Brundtland.

According to Brundtland, the background for the knife stabbing should be the result of a quarrel between the two.

"My customer has partially acknowledged the penalty, winner Oscar Ihlebæk for NRK.

In the first case it became clear to the police that the knife attack took place in Stord. The good thing is that it happened at a private address on Valevåg in the municipality of Sveio.

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