Female knife piece on Stord – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

The extent of the injury is unknown, according to Southwest police station.

"We do not know any serious damage, the situation is unclear, attorney-at-law Åshild Ravndal wins the NRK at 1.30 am.

Woman sat with the knife in the stomach.

Man admits that the knife is stitched

The police received a message about hacking at 22.56 on Friday evening.

One man in the 50s is arrested.

The man must have admitted that he was a woman stabbed by a knife. He will probably be in prison until Saturday – before he wins in the morning.

On the operating table

Hendinga took place at a private address in the municipality of Stord. The police can not understand enough if there is a relationship between women and men.

At 3:05 AM the NRK police says that they do not know how to deal with women. It is unknown if you are injured by life.

"All we know is that Ho is on the operating table," says operations manager Toralv Skårland.

Half an hour later the NTB police told that women have undergone one operation, but it is not certain how much is going on with her.

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