Fire support badly injured after falling off the job in the Oslo metro station

A large number of football supporters were gathered in the metro station before the match between Brann and Vålerenga.

"The firefighters came to the subway to join the game," said Svein Arild Jørundland, deputy leader.

– When they reached the entrance to the subway station, they fired fire. The whole area was smoked and the fire alarm went off. They went to the platform that was smoked. A person fell for the train. It was very chaotic, he says.

Person fell into the job

According to evening editor Sarah Sørheim, who was on the spot, a large group of football supporters gathered outside the subway station, ignoring the Bengal lights.

Then they went to the station. There was a lot of smoke at the station and it was hugging on the platform.

– One of the supporters leaned against a lane and fell along the track. The subway then continued, says a witness of Aftenposten.

There must have been a 20-year-old Brann supporter who has fallen on the right path.

Bengal lights at the station

A video of the event shows that a larger number of people are gathering on the platform and that there is a lot of smoke from Bengali light. Just after a T-lane has left the station, people notice that a person is on the job. Then they call in the help of guards.

The police quickly came to the place. After the incident many supporters lagged behind and were clearly marked.

The wounded person received life-saving first aid from a doctor before he was driven to the Ullevål hospital, says health director André Tiller in Aftenposten.

The person is seriously injured and relieves the Ullevål hospital.

There is a battle between Vålerenga and Brann in the Intility Arena on Sunday evening. That is why the police were present at the National Theater on Sunday afternoon.

"There are many people on the spot and we gather testimonies to find out what happened," Aune said.

At 20.17 the trains normally travel past the station, but there are deviations in the departure hall.

Awaiting report from the police

The chairman of Brann, Vibeke Johannesen, says that they are awaiting the police report before they want to know more about what happened:

"We are waiting for the police report to get a general picture of the situation, so far we have focused on having a good dialogue with the police," she told Aftenposten.

"I have heard many differences about what happened and I need a complete overview, and I do not think you should ask yourself what happened before.

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